Algoritmo Madness Ba Release Date 26 Mar 2018
Algoritmo (Original Mix)
Origenes (Original Mix)
Reflexiones (Original Mix)
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Cante Melismatico Behache, Fly District Release Date 05 Mar 2018
Cante Melismatico (Original Mix)
Soldado Escarlata (Original Mix)
Resplandor Emergente (Original Mix)
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Long Leg Bird Koloniari Release Date 19 Feb 2018
Long Leg Bird (Original Mix)
Long Leg Bird (Carlos A Remix)
Long Leg Bird (TAAX Remix)
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Submarine Staniz Release Date 05 Feb 2018
Submarine (Original Mix)
Vague (Original Mix)
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Day Case Fedotov, Andrei Doe Release Date 25 Dec 2017
Day Case D11 (Odette Remix)
Day Case D11 (Original Mix)
Day Case D11 (Angel Molina Remix)
Day Case F22 (Hassio (Col) Dub Mix)
Day Case F22 (Original Mix)
Day Case F22 (Los Reynoso Remix)
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Agra Nicolas Deep Release Date 04 Dec 2017
Agra (Original Mix)
Enchantress (Original Mix)
Agra (Alessandro Diruggiero Remix)
Agra (Julzy Remix)
Agra (Arph Remix)
Agra (Ennio Skoto Remix)
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Eases The Pain Aleksei Kuscow Release Date 13 Nov 2017
Eases The Pain (Koloniari Dub)
Eases The Pain (Original Mix)
Eases The Pain (Simplex Motive Remix)
Eases The Pain (Rootfellen Remix)
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Comalive Kazarian Release Date 30 Oct 2017
Comalive (Original Mix)
Comalive (Jerrad Keith Summertime Acid Mix)
Comalive (Mr. Chuck Remix)
Comalive (Muteng Remix)
Comalive (Instrumental Mix)
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Moment Jordy Sánchez Release Date 16 Oct 2017
Moment (Original Mix)
Off (Ennio Skoto Remix)
Off (Original Mix)
Paranoia (Original Mix)
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On Fire Shattered Mind Release Date 02 Oct 2017
On Fire (Original Mix)
On Fire (Za__Paradigma Remix)
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Andrey Djackonda - Tropicana Original Mix
Andrey Djackonda - Fain The Sorcerer Original Mix
Rob!n, Lumoon - Detroit Original Mix
Fedotov, Andrei Doe - Day Case D11 Odette Remix
Behache, Fly District - Cante Melismatico Original Mix
Andrey Djackonda - Fain The Sorcerer Outstrip Remix
Andrey Djackonda - Fain The Sorcerer Dubphone Remix
Jordy Sánchez - Moment Original Mix
Shu:Been - Eastern Daniel Meister Remix
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